Compresores JOSVAL - Piston and screw compressors

Compresor Alta Presión JOSVAL THORDÖN

THORDÖN,  high POWER with maximum portability.


Reaching 30 bar was reserved for large and expensive equipment. THORDÖN was born due to the need for greater pressure on time and in different locations too.

Extremely light and versatile, it can be used simultaneously both 30 bar and 10 bar, so that it becomes a complete and useful portable compressed air station.


Single phase

30 Bar
230 V
50 Hz
Oil Less
CodeModelBarHPKwlitersl/mm3/hr.p.m.dBLength (mm)Width (mm)HeightKg
5083037THORDÖN 130M*302,21,6201307,814007254060083046