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Compresores JOSVAL celebrates its 50th anniversary

Compresores JOSVAl - 50 aniversario - Compresores JOSVAl - 50 aniversario

During all year will take place several commemorative acts of this special occasion.

Among those are highlighted:

-  Opening of our new LOGISTICS CENTER in Zaragoza.

-  These new facilities for the final product, counting on 5000m2,

   will guarantee the immediate delivery of all products in our catalogue.

-  At the same time, profiting from the easy loading, will facilitate the delivery

   and improve the lead time for delivery.

- These facilities, together with our Logistics center in Madrid and the facilities

   for raw material, also opened up this year, will permit a much faster response
   to the requirement from our customers. 


Owing to the occasion of the 50th anniversary, a dinner was held at a prestigious restaurant in Zaragoza, in which representatives from all centers in Spain participated in this pleasant evening.